Jess Porter

Jess Porter is a singer/songwriter based in Chicago. Her songs are a blend of pop, rock, blues and soul with hints of Americana - all major influences in her musical life. Every song tells a story about the people and places she's known, each a musical portrait revealing deeply personal imagery that takes the listener on her journey of joy and struggle, life and love. 

Jess's debut album, Daydreamer, is available here and on BandCamp

Check this page for upcoming shows when Jess embarks upon her first tour this coming year with the Donna Matrix Band and Angie Star. 

The songs themselves, especially “When I Come Home,” and “If You Love Me” are not exactly predictable—there’s a sense when listening to Porter’s tracks that the song will go a certain way, but just when you’re thinking you know where the song is headed, Porter takes you in an unexpected direction and somehow it all works beautifully. 
By Taylor Van Arsdale 
Music and Mayhem Mag

Pick any song by Chicago area singer/songwriter Jess Porter and you will instantly find yourself on a highly-charged, soul-searching, spiritual journey into the adventures of a young woman looking for salvation, redemption and true love. Her vocal, lyrical and melodic range are all exceptional and dynamic. 
Richie Fylthe
Music Freak!