What We Do

 JMRD Artist-Media, and our independant label, JaMRoD Records, are all about the artist, the songs and the fans. We are not bound by any particular genre or trends of the past or present, instead we are open to anything original that rings true to our ears and eyes. We encourage our artists to be who they are and we support their efforts to reach their goals. In the process, we strive to release songs, videos and other media-related artistic works performed and produced to the best of all our collective abilities.  JMRD has deep respect for talented people who work hard to have their work seen and heard. We have the same respect for the fans who simply want to be entertained by something truly original. We're a relatively new company trying our best to break out new talent that has yet to gain the attention given to the major players. We hope you will take the time to check out what we're all about, support our artists and help us grow so we can provide the music you love.